About C N C


Founded in 1989, CNC Industries, Inc., with a dedication of service to our customers, provides a unique blend of precision and high quality craftsmanship. We have been able to offer to our customers that special service that usually can be found with much larger and higher volume producers.

CNC Industries, Inc. accomplishes this with a staff of machinists that average over 20 years’ experience in the many facets of intricate tooling and machining that our name has become synonymous with over the years.
Mr. J. Gregory Morgan, who is the Founder and President, has brought together the right mixture of computer numerically-controlled equipment and experienced labor talent to provide the marketplace with job shop speed and sophisticated production methods.

CNC Industries, Inc.’s initial offerings were heavily weighted toward the smaller, very precise lathe-oriented type of production. We have over the years added other types of production equipment that broaden our processes into multi-dimensional and creative applications. As we grew in volume and acquired more advanced equipment we relocated to our present position. In our larger facility our processes improved and allowed us to continue expansion into larger, more specialized product offerings.

CNC Industries, Inc. will continue to take advantage of new developments in machinery processes and merge them with our experience and talent to provide our customers with outstanding products of high quality product at an economical price.


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