CNC Net Working include:

Virtual Company Projects Formed, Or Partnered With Companies For Manufacturing Complex Parts Or Assemblies As A Proving Ground For The Dept. Of Navy With WVHTC - West Virginia High Tech Consortium.


C N C Industries is one of four manufacturing plants in the US that helped South Carolina Research Authority evaluate Paris, QCab, and Mod Ramp Software in the fall of 1995 and 1996.

C N C I made thirty two different parts that SCRA sent to C N C I through the Internet into NetScape and Paris, to be down loaded into Auto Cad through the Step 203 translator and placed into Smart Cam programming software for true tool path part manufacturing. The four manufacturers that were involved determined there were no errors found in any of the parts that were made from the data that was sent. The software has revolutionized the transfer of data for manufacturing for years and will into the future. It is very economical and allows you to be on the leading edge of technology.

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