CNC Technology include:

State of the art C N C Lathes, Machining Centers, Inspection Equipment, Software, and Very Knowledgeable People.

Total Commitment to Quality and Customer Service.

Our ability to down load files from our customers and use their part models to machine parts saving valuable time, money, and errors. Some of the software technology that C N C I has:

Cam Software - NX 7 - Smart Cam V12.5, MasterCam,  for Programming

Cad Software - Auto Cad, Inventor, Mech Desktop, EDS, Modeling and Drawing

Translators for IGES, STEP 203 & 224, DXF, SAT, KITIA, WMF, STL, BMP, DWG

Computer Software - Oracle

Visual Software - IDA, Image R, Paris

Communication Software - Mazilla FireFox, Thunderbird, Internet Explorer, GoToMeeting, Net Meeting, LogMeInn, PC Anywhere

Accounting - Smarter Manager

Scheduling - Smarter Manager, Mod Ramp

Quoting - Smarter Manager, QCab, Mod Ramp

Inventory - Smarter Manager, Mod Ramp


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