CNC products include:

Medical Implants using titanium alloys, for hip implants, knees, knuckles, spinal disks, and tools used in the medical and dental arena.   Design of medical prosthesis made of cobalt chrome and titanium materials, for doctors, and dentist.
Carbon Fiber, Ceramics, Plastic, Aluminum, and Composite components for the aero space industries. Shown on our horizontal machining center during the 2nd phase of machining is this airplane engine, front housing. We started out with a 320 pound block of aluminum, 6061 - T6 .  After the machining operations took place our part ended up weighing just 58 pounds.  For this company, we made one proto-type and then three units for production.
Components for the wood/forest industry involving many components for the microwave induction of heat into the wood strips - shown is half of the two piece assembly.  All parts were modeled in Canada over a nine month period where extensive computer design was used to developed the exacting form and shape to produce the correct microwave flow. This part along with 24 others were machined and assembled at C N C I. The length of the part is 36" the width is 24" and the thickness is 9" and is shown with a 24" scale. - Aluminum 6061-T6 was used to make up these components.
Varieties of parts for the hydraulic, pneumatic industries. Plastic injection molds, Die's, Jigs and Fixtures for many different industries.

Parts for the Navy, Bell Helicopter, Pratt & Whittney, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Aurora Flight Sciences, and several other government clients.

Stamping and Die plates for many different industries - shown with a 12" scale - This is made from 1045 steel and is 28" wide x 39" long x 1&1/4" thick.  The tolerances on these parts are generally + or - 0.001 over the entire lenght and width of the part.
Components for deep-sea exploration that were produced for Westinghouse Oceanic Division. In this instance, C N C I was asked to design a holding device for parabolic mirrors used in a submersible vehicle. The holding device that was designed by C N C I used just five components as compared to the one that we replaced, which used twelve parts. C N C I also machined the molds for the the glass company to make the parabolic mirrors. These mirrors are used to focus the light in this vdhicle. C N C I made the gages used to determine if the glass was in tolerance after the manufacturing process took place.
Manufacturing of special jacks to support homes and buildings during earth movement due to underground mining.



Manifold for Heavy Equipment Industry